In today's digital area connectivity is critical for the day to day operation of businesses.

Refocus can assist with all connectivity requirements be it high speed internet connectivity or local wireless connectivity to a branch office.

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Internet Connectivity


Fibre to the Business creates a faster, more reliable connection allowing work to flow seamlessly in your business.


Fibre to the Home dramatically increases connection speeds and availability compared with ADSL.

Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet provides businesses with a high-speed Internet service where fibre is not currently available.


LTE is another alternative to ADSL especially where fibre is not available and wireless internet is too expensive.

Local Area Networks


Perimeter security device that protects you IT infrastructure from external threats from the internet.


Local Area Network cabling and equipment connects your devices to each other as well as the Internet.

Wireless Networks

A wireless network within your business allows portable devices to seamlessly connect to your business network.

PTP Wireless

Point to Point wireless connections allow you to connect multiple office or buildings to each other.